Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

In last years close to crore farmers in India have eft farming!.It is alarming!Certainly agriculture today has critical problems but these is-sues can be solved using technology.Our farmers are hard working but they need to update themselves with the changes that can help them improve farm production.Presently there exista huge gap between farmers and tech-nology that is restricting the growth of Indian economy and I want to bridgethis gap,states Mr. Ravi Singh Choudhary,CEO,founder, Krishi Utthaan.The company is located at Ranchi,Jharkhand.It serves farmers in remote areas of the state.Krishi Utthaan has two verticals,one uplifting small and marginal farmers and second offering one-stop agri services to medium-largescale farmers.The focus in both operations is organic.

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