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Krishi Utthaan signed MOU with Unmukt Urja

June 5th, 2020 We are pleased to announce that Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation Ranchi signed MOU with Unmukt Urja Private Limited; India based start-up foraying into the production of industrially valuable products such as Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oils (VLSFO), Bitumen, and Methane gas from agriculture waste such as rice straw and stubble. They primarily aim to cater to Marine and Heavy industries. Krishi Utthaan will help Unmukt Urja in building the social capital of farmers by supporting them in sustainable agricultural practices and so that the Value chain of Agricultural waste will be streamlined. Krishi Utthan mainly focuses on LEISA (low external input sustainable agriculture). Our constant interactions with the farmers in all these years will help Unmukt Urja to have a better understanding of the behavioral economics of the concerned farmers. In recent years Paddy stubble burning made news repeatedly for poor Air Quality Index. That dried biomass has an immense potential to be bio-fuel. So basically here two problems are being solved simultaneously. Raising the farmer's income and avoiding the stubble burning thus keeping our air clean. We are excited to be a part of this great venture. Unmukt Urja a few days back partnered with the global leader in hydrothermal upgrading technology provider Licella Pty Ltd. Licella’s unique hydrothermal upgrading platform, the Cat-HTR™ (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor), can rapidly and economically transform a wide range of biomass, waste plastic, and industry residues into synthetic oil or bio-crude to produce more sustainable fuels and chemicals. Happy World Environment Day. Let’s move towards a new world order of the Oil economy based on the agricultural waste that is much more compatible with Mother Nature. Ravi Singh Choudhary Director Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation, Ranchi

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