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This time I picked up the topic which immediately loses its credibility at the moment when I introduced the word cow urine. But let me clear a few things first. Secularism means Dharma-Nirphekshata, not Gyan-Nirphekshata. Putting everything in the box of secularism and straight forward neglecting all the knowledge and wisdom of Hinduism is insane. Even people think if we can bully Hindus as cow-urine drinker they will get into a heated argument. There is a reason why science-community not able to appreciate the ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom because of writing in poetry form not showing data points or use of advanced equipped instruments. If something is not measurable by current instruments or verified experimentally then all the mentioned things are superstition.

Why in Hinduism we call ‘cow’ Gaumata; means giving the status of a mother? I didn’t think seriously at any point in my life.

Recently I was in Amrit Krishi Training by Siddharth Jaiswal, BPD unit, Birsa Agricultural University. Although I knew about Jeevamrit used in ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING and also AMRIT JAL used in AMRIT KRISHI and let me tell you both the techniques are going to change the Indian Agriculture system forever. I was recommended by sir to go through the patents on Cow Urine by US & China.

To my surprise, there were dozens of patents on Indian cow. What a HOLY COW! Let me quote from one of the patents WO2002096440A1 “Cow, the reverend Indian cow, known as KAMDHENU, in Indian Scripts, is a MONING HOSPITAL, for most of the diseases. The element Panchgavya, i.e. The cow’s urine, dung, milk, curd, and Ghee possesses treatment capacity to cure diseases. In our Scripts and epics, our Rishies and munies have very widely discussed it. It is very elaborately described in our books like CHARAK-SANHITA, RAJ GHANTU, BRAHAD- WAGBHATT, SHSHRUT SANHITA, and AMRITSAGAR. It is very pious, poison- killing, Insecticide, solemnizer for all the three disorders like Wat/Pitta and Cough. It also eradicates leprosy and all sorts of urinary disorders. The diseases pertaining to eyes, pains and disorders like the wat diseases, relating to cough, cold, Asthma, jaundice, spleen, liver weaknesses, ear pains, constipation creating diseases are turned rootless. It has been experimentally proved that among all sorts of urine, the urine of the Indian cows proves most effective. It sharpens wisdom and cures all sorts of disorders pertaining to the belly like the Air-ball and various types of stomach-pains. It is proved as a universal cure of blood disorders. It removes blood-deficiency, diarrhea, and worms, weakness of liver and spleen is also removed and swelling, and piles are cured quite successfully. Diseases pertaining to ears and ear pains are subsided by its regular use.”

Now in our ancient literatures, you will not hear about modern diseases like Cancer or diabetes. Let me tell you even cow urine is effective on that too. I suggest going through the patents because it is not just an idealogy. We call it cow Gau-Mata; mother because it provides sufficient food to us via fertilizing the soil and taking care of our immunity system that imparts good health.

Let me go in-depth about how cow-urine is so much effective doing all this. I will take you to parallel from agriculture to human body health. When you take medicine or when you try to put fertilizer for the plant. It is not possible that each dose reaches the targeted area. That’s why we have side-effects in the body and again side-effects in the soil. Unused fertilizers with fillers make soil dense and close all the pores that decrease water retention capacity of the soil and also inhibit movement of earthworms. So in the western concept of organic farming, they introduced bio-enhancers or promoters of nutrients in the soil that significantly reduced the doses of chemical fertilizers. Now here is an unbelievable thing is that Cow-urine is not just promoting or bio-enhancing it increases bio-availability of required nutrients in the soil and in the human body too. You no need to take external chemical supplements because most of it coming out of the excretory system of the human body.

These all are not just my opinions or understanding. I have seen miraculous results in my farming uring cow urine so I believe and I must believe because now it is already patented. Jai Gau-Mata.

Ravi Singh Choudhary, Founder & Director Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation.

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