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Krishi Utthaan signed MOU with Unmukt Urja

June 5th, 2020 We are pleased to announce that Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation Ranchi signed MOU with Unmukt Urja Private Limited; India based start-up foraying into the production of industrially valuable products such as Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oils (VLSFO), Bitumen, and Methane gas from agriculture waste such as rice straw and stubble. They primarily aim to cater to Marine and Heavy industries. Krishi Utthaan will help Unmukt Urja in building the social capital of farmers by supporting them in sustainable agricultural practices and so that the Value chain of Agricultural waste will be str ..

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Zero Budget Farming — A Reality Check for Organic Farming in India.

While I read, “I too had a dream” by Verghese Kurien. The thing that stuck to my mind was Amul became successful due to presence of Bombay (A potential market) nearby it and again Managing the surplus milk (Food Processing) produced by the cooperative (Again a great way of dealing trivial problems by individuals) and of course the WORK ETHICS imparted by Kurien. While talking any innovative way of doing farming whether Chemical or Natural and again claiming higher yield and quality produce, It is seen successful only when farmers get well paid, also getting net profit and they think their ..

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What is FPO? Why Govt wants 10,000 FPOs? Why it fails?

In the early years, not many farmers will come forward. They have either experienced various other NGO initiatives and have sometimes faced disappointment. However, they have rarely seen an intervention that actually wants them to do business for their own benefit. In reality, the traders buy from well to do farmers on fair terms and try to cheat the smaller and lesser educated ones. Since the well-off farmers are opinion leaders and may not join the cooperative, there is hesitation among the majority to join it. There is also a fear of antagonizing the local trader who is also a source of lo ..

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Plants are more intelligent than us?

What if? The plant could think like that I am not properly irrigated while I was tiny, Why I was planted at the border to feel wind pressure, Why Caterpillars are only attacking me? What is so special with that plant at the centre getting loaded with fruits only and only my leaves were eaten by caterpillars. Of course, the plant does not feel like that. No, I am telling you they are feeling external changes but not thinking in human way, the emotional way. They feel tissue damage but not the pain from it. Like we do not feel pain when the operation of brain tissues is going on, of course, th ..

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The Indian Farming Crisis and Tangible Solutions

We all can generalize and have consensus on all set of agricultural problems. They are loud and clear. But let me quote again after being three years into this sector those are generalizations and few problems are like gravity you need to accept them and then try to fly a plane. Like small landholdings, do you consider it as a solvable issue? Never. Our distorted real estate market and distorted labor force market will never allow farmers(at mass level) to be sustainable while taking the land lease contract and all. A typical Jharkhandi family. Three brothers, One is doing any Private ..

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