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Our story how we started this foundation

Started In 2017
The journey of Krishi Utthaan has two aspects. How do we reach so many farmers and why to choose natural farming. Initially Our director Ravi Singh Choudhary tried to use his own ancestral land for Sweetcorn and strawberry farming. But what he experienced that agriculture is a complete mess here. Farmers are not working in structured way. They don’t know about soil, seeds and crop diseases. Then he made the WhatsApp group connecting all farmers, using e- commerce to apply farming tools, watched videos from YouTube, and got stories of farming from social media. It’s like internet connectivity has inspired a person to do startup from Tier 3 city of India. Slowly he went through the patents on Indian COW URINE. He thoroughly went to 6 patents by the US and China combined and which consolidated the philosophy of Natural faming. You heard about the antioxidant and anti-cancerous properties of Gau-mutra. So farming need to go from just NPK to more sophisticated micro-nutrients which helps the taste, aroma, the shelf life of crops which is chemical farming cannot achieve with Urea, DAP only. That is the brutal fact. Increased shelf life means better price negotiation for farmers. This is just one aspect of natural farming.

Our Team

Three BITians On A Mission To Ensure Food Security As Well as Nutrient Security.

Ravi Singh Choudhary


Shiva Kachhap


Sunil Yaduka



A dedicated organization for betterment of farming as well as consumers.


Abhishek Kumar

Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

In last twenty years close to two crore farmers in India have left farming. It is alarming. Certainly our country is not only going through agrarian crises but also a civilizational crises for India. Our farmers are hardworking but they need to update themselves with the changes that can help them improve farm production. Presently there exist a huge gap between farmers and technology and also the market linkage that is restricting the growth of Indian economy and our team is finding a way to bridge this gap. Krishi Utthaan has two verticals one uplifting small and marginal farmers by promoting and sensitizing about farmer producer company and second offering one-stop agri-services to medium-large scale farmers. The focus in both operations is natural farming.

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