Why We Do

Last time 12000 Years ago, when Sapiens adopted Agriculture. They became civilized and slowly changed their roles from Hunter and Gatherer. Again in second half of twentieth Century when world witnessed Green Revolution that promoted HYV seeds in the name of Food Security and adopted Industrial (Chemical) Farming we lost Nutrients in our food in the coming decades. So we are here to bring back NUTRIENT SECURITY and adopting old Age Indian techniques of Natural farming by imitating nature. 12000 years later when we are here to reboot Natural farming we are making human much more civilized because this time we are saving our environment and ecology of earth too.

How We Do?

Natural Farming Workshop

We provide workshop to new and aspiring farmers that they will need to manage their diversified farm and that farm will be free of Chemicals and pesticides. Our methodology of farming is inspired from Amrit Krishi (NatuEco) and NBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming).

Community Building

To achieve economy of scale and solving other farming issue for small and marginal farmers, we promote Cluster formation to ease natural farming practices.

Turn-key Projects

Setting up all Natural/Oragnic farm on turn-key basis with facilitating seed to marketing. This involves micro-irrigation facilities, mechanization of the farm, fencing technology.

Herbal Farming

As one of our premium product is HERBAL tea i.e a blend of Moringa, Tulsi, LemonGrass. So we believe in promoting growing of indigenous variety of herbs. We provide hand-holding support to these projects.

Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

In last twenty years close to two crore farmers in India have left farming. It is alarming. Certainly our country is not only going through agrarian crises but also a civilizational crises for India. Our farmers are hardworking but they need to update themselves with the changes that can help them improve farm production. Presently there exist a huge gap between farmers and technology and also the market linkage that is restricting the growth of Indian economy and our team is finding a way to bridge this gap. Krishi Utthaan has two verticals one uplifting small and marginal farmers by promoting and sensitizing about farmer producer company and second offering one-stop agri-services to medium-large scale farmers. The focus in both operations is natural farming.

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